© JP Bichard
Ruby de Cadence is an internationally traveling burlesque artiste driven by a passion for Fin de siècle aesthetics, and gifted with a striking stage presence. As alluring and dangerous as all beautiful things, she combines the tainted glory of Dorian Gray with the dark sensuality of the seductive Victorian vamp - decadence personified. Ruby fuses the glamour and elegance of classic burlesque with contemporary rock music, giving it an electrifying twist and creating routines that are sassy, sensual and fierce. 

Ruby de Cadence is the founder and producer of The Cabaret Below.
She has received the "most sassy"-award at the Shimmy Shakedown at Berlin Burlesque Week 2018.
Ruby was featured in the Burlesque Calendar 2018 by Verena Gremmer.


"Ruby de Cadence" is a pseudonym, which serves to protect my privacy. To persons whom it concerns, I am prepared to disclose my contact data and real name upon request.