Ruby de Cadence offers private coaching and creative feedback on acts (also via video chat) for performers of any gender. She also teaches burlesque workshops for small groups in German and English.
To inquire about a workshop or a coaching session, please email rubydecadence [at] gmail.com.
Beginner Burlesque Class

 - 90 minutes, English or German - 

You will learn the tips for perfect pinup posing, classic burlesque dance moves, warm-up exercises and have a short burlesque history & costume discussion to get you started! We will round up the class by learning a short and simple routine suitable for beginners. 
Since this class is meant for absolute beginners, there is no striptease except for a glove peel if gloves are available/brought by the participants.

© John-Paul Bichard
All About Feather Fans

 - 120 minutes, English or German -

You want to create your own feather fan routine but don’t quite know where to start? Or are you just curious about those glorious beauties? In this workshop you will learn all about feather fans for burlesque. 
The theoretical part will introduce you to the history of fan dance, a tradition of burlesque since the 1930s. We will talk about different kinds of feather fans, where to get them, what to look for, how to make your own and how to store and tend them. We will also talk about how feather fans affect your choice of costume, choreography or narrative in a burlesque act. 
In the practical part we will learn a special warm-up fitted for fan dance, a number of poses as well as moves which we will combine to a memorable routine to a classic burlesque tune.
This class can be adjusted to the needs and interests of the group in the theoretical part. It can also be cut to 90 minutes with an emphasis on the practical one.
© Steve Braun

Hard Rock Meets Burlesque
 - 60 minutes, English or German -
Sensual burlesque with its classic aesthetics to contemporary rock and hard rock is Ruby de Cadence's specialty. In this workshop, we're getting down and dirty, dark and sexy. Here, you'll learn how to combine elements of classic burlesque with hard rock to an expressive, erotic, fun and powerful choreography.
Variations of Striptease 
 - 60 minutes, English or German - 
Striptease is not just sexy, sensual and beautiful, finding different ways to take off one’s clothing is also a creative challenge and a lot of fun. In this workshop, you will playfully learn several ways of elegantly taking off pieces of clothing typical for burlesque. We will practice on an outfit that you can wear on stage as well as privately.

Workshop Dates:

Variations of Striptease
10 December 2020, 19.30-20.30
Berlin Burlesque Academy (online)
25 October 2020, 15:30-17:00
Berlin Burlesque Academy
Burlesque Meets Hard Rock
08 October 2020, 19:30-20:30
Berlin Burlesque Academy
22 December 2019, 14:00-16:00
Tanzfabrik Bodensee, BDT Tanzschule Hartwig

Fan Dance
23 November 2019, 13:35-15:35
Shimmy Shake Berlin Burlesque School, Berlin

Beginner Burlesque
23 November 2019, 12:00 -13:30
Shimmy Shake Berlin Burlesque School, Berlin